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phantom burn

you swore you’d never do them no harm

like the moon above, you were steady and calm

but in the dark hours of the night, you were a sitting storm

as they fell onto your matches, your tears felt warm


the sky turned red as the roof came crashing in

you lifted your head and you smiled, confessed your sin

you said i ain’t no outlaw, oh it’s same as what they did

now these next 40 years i’ll be running, but i won’t be no kid


now those fields all have grown up past your eyes

over the hills you recognize

those leaves all are dancing in the light

this ground ain’t been so holy since the fire


but those flames are still roaring in your sleep

well you tried for revenge, oh but found no peace

you’ve been feeling that phantom burn on your hands and your feet

you’ve been praying the devil don’t take you underneath

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