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Iron Line Album Cover.png

in earnest

felt like five generations had passed

saw the wheat grow, saw it turnin’ in your hands

but it was only one course of the moon

til’ those wheels touched the ground at last

and i’d know your name


well my brother, your lantern’s been out

oh my friend, how your garden’s run down

but you write pretty words in the night

so is it worth all the wounds that you count

and am i one, oh am i one


but when you held me that night in the desert

i forgot where i was, lost track of where we’re standing

i was melting into the heavens 

with that wide sky above us   

every star just watching us swaying

and then i thought to myself, lord is this right

did i lead you on

and then it was gone


come o’er, there’s a ghost that must be named

well it sees its soul in another, but it’s afraid

for if i write you these words in the night

oh it’s to tell you i don’t feel the same

will i haunt you now

or will you forget my name

no i don’t feel the same

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