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can you, can you tell me

when the atom bomb is dancing through the clouds

that you’ve done what i’ve asked you

that we’ve made amends and pocketed some rounds


well i don’t wanna learn to speak russian

and i don’t wanna live underground

but some days the human rage is past discussion

and you’ll be dead before you even hear the sound


can you, can you tell me

that we’d have enough if we needed to get by

that we’ve done all the dancing

in a seance and a prayer that they’ll comply


but after all, someone’s mother didn’t raise em

in a way that someone else could ever change

and the questions only matter how you phrase em

and the answers never matter either way


can you, can you tell me

was it meant to fall apart the way it did

all i see is the centuries

of every novel innovation turned to shit


yes it’s great that your uncle flies an airplane

but there’s another dropping bombs up in the clouds

and i’m sure that you’ve been honest with your campaign

and that money’s unrelated to your crown

can we all just call the spades as they’re standing

before we’re laying next to them and eating ground


[songwriter] hannah wyatt

[guitar / vocals / viola / snare] hannah wyatt

[upright bass] tim mechling

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